July 19, 2016

From Silhouette Blinds to Roman Shades – We Have It All!

If you want to learn more about window blinds and shades, this is the right place to do so. Our FAQ page provides detailed answers to important questions asked by home and business owners when it comes to window coverings. Get valuable information and advice to make the best choice.
From Silhouette Blinds to Roman Shades – We Have It All!

What brands does your company offer?

Laguna Niguel Blinds & Shades offers quite a few different brands of blinds and shades, including but not limited to: Hunter Douglas, Bali, Levolor, MyBlinds, Hampton Bay and Home Decorators Collection.

What are insulating blinds and shades?

These are made to reduce the transfer of heat between the interior and the exterior. They also block the light completely. The result is a more private setting and a higher level of energy efficiency. These window treatments are typically preferred in bedrooms.

Do blinds give you greater flexibility compared to shades?

You can generally set the shades’ position in terms of height and how much will cover the window. With blinds, however, you can adjust the slats depending on how much light you want to come in and how much privacy you require. In this respect, they do give you higher flexibility.

How do honeycomb shades provide good insulation?

The secret lies with their design. Air is trapped inside the cells or honeycombs. As a result, you have a unique insulating barrier created between the window and the interior of your home. You can expect great energy savings with these window treatments.

Are roller shades that fit inside the window frame the best choice?

With these window coverings, you will get an overall neater look. If this matches your aesthetic preferences, then you can go for this option.

Are there Roman shades that can block ambient light completely?

Yes, there are such models. They have a cloth lining that works excellently to prevent any light from coming in, when they are lowered all the way to the bottom end of the window.

Why should I have blinds professionally installed instead of doing it by myself?

There certainly is no shortage of DIY blinds out there. But if you value good advice before making a purchase, and want a personalized and professional service with quality installation, a good service provider is where you should go to have your blinds done right.

Do I need to do the window measurements by myself before calling you?

No, absolutely not. Our goal is to make sure that you enjoy the process of choosing your perfect blinds from our wide selection. And we don’t consider taking window measurements to be fun! So we take it off your hands as part of our free consultation service.