Zebra blinds

July 6, 2016

custom zebra blindsThis style of window blinds works well in many spaces of the home from the patio to the bathroom and bedrooms. The name comes from the fact that the horizontal slats let light through in stripes like a zebra. You will have the option to let in as much or little light as you want, as well as setting the angle at which you want light to enter the room. This allows for setting the atmosphere you want in a room, as well as granting the amount of privacy that is needed.

Easy to Use Mechanism

What many zebra blinds owners really love about them is that the control mechanism is cord-free and durable. You can easily open or close the blinds without the unsightly strings many have grown accustomed to. Made from polyester, these blinds can stand the test of time, while also giving your home a sleek, stylish window covering which offers versatility. The sturdy material and sound structure has a 5 year warranty so that you can rest assured you won’t need any replacement blinds and shades for years to come.

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