Romans Blinds

July 6, 2016

Your home, office or shop will benefit well from the roman shades customaddition of pull down shades like the ones that were used back in Ancient Rome. At the height of their empire, the Romans were the most affluent and certainly the most elegant of all. Now, some several hundred years later one of their home decors still remain – the fabric roman blinds.

The Legacy of Ancient Fabric

Looking at a set of fabric roman shades hanging down living room windows would immediately evoke a sense of appreciation for the design. Design-wise, roman shades appear very sleek. When they’re hanging completely down, the drape flattens out, revealing a simple drape that functionally covers the window to block out the sunlight or to otherwise diffuse it. There are models that show the seams indicating where the drape folds at the pleats. It is only when they’re partially or completely pulled up that their uniqueness can be fully appreciated. The window coverings neatly fold up into evenly sized pleats.

If you’re considering this ancient masterpiece in your home, shop or office, then get them from us at Laguna Niguel Blinds & Shades. We’ll have our representative discuss terms and product availability with you. Before we install them, you have the choice to ask for free color samples first.

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