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Sheer Shades

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Anything you can get out of blinds or shades, you can get out of these sophisticated hybrids. Sheer shades are basically a set of blinds and shades fused together into one harmonious system with the strengths of both and the weaknesses of neither. As long as they fit the look you want, sheer shades are bound to please.

The Best of Both Worlds

Generally speaking, blinds allow their user to adjust the amount of light coming in and react to the position of the sun as it crosses the sky. Meanwhile, shades more consistently protect your privacy, soften the sunlight as it comes in and create a more comfortable aesthetic. Sheer shades are, simply put, a thin shade attached to a set of paneled blinds. These window features will always soften the incoming sunlight and keep prying eyes out, regardless of how much sun you’ve adjusted them to channel in, as long as they’re in place over the pane.

Reconciled Blind Styles

Since sheer shades are built over a set of perfectly ordinary blinds, you can combine them with different blind styles to get many of the same benefits - cellular or honeycombed layers, vertically or horizontally oriented slats with frames that slide or compress in the appropriate direction, you name it! There isn't almost anything that cannot be done with sheer shades.

A Diversity of Shades

The aesthetic value of sheer shades is hardly their least important feature. The thin, gently flowing fabric layer can be ordered in any color or pattern, and in a variety of materials to afford the texture, feel, and degree of opacity you want. While more advanced decorations like Roman-style pleats are difficult to manage on a cellular shade, you can make up for that by matching them with a valance or a set of drapes.

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