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Should I Choose Battery Operated Or Wired Motorized Shades?


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Should I Choose Battery Operated Or Wired Motorized Shades?

Battery Operated or Wired Motorized Shades | Laguna Niguel Blinds & Shades, LA

If you’re looking to invest in motorized window coverings, you stand to benefit from excellent improvements in convenience, privacy and home security. However, choosing the right type of motorized shades is essential - deciding on wireless or wired operation is one of the key choices you’ll need to make.

Advantages Of Wireless Coverings

The main benefit of choosing motorized systems without a mains supply is the convenience factor. There’s no need to worry about installing wiring, which can often compromise the aesthetic of a room. This allows wireless systems to be set up in locations where it would be extremely difficult for wires to be otherwise, such as in a bathroom or by a kitchen sink. They can be quickly and easily installed and with a minimum of effort. Overall, this is an easy way to integrate motorized shades into your home. Additionally, with the rechargeable system they have available, they don’t need a constant supply of new batteries.

Drawbacks Of Battery-Powered Systems

The only problem that you’ll encounter with this type of system is the relatively low power of the motors. Because there is limited voltage to draw on, they cannot support particularly large or heavy shades. Therefore, for big windows or shades made from heavy materials, mains-powered systems are your go-to choice.

Benefits Of Choosing Wired Motorized Shades

There are plenty of reasons to choose wired systems over wireless ones. Yes, you’ll have to provide a mains supply, which can be a little more difficult, but you’ll benefit from much stronger motors. Also, the additional torque means that your shades can move extremely smoothly and quietly and you’ll never need to worry about them being too heavy.

Which System Is Right For You?

In general, consumers do prefer wired motorized shades. Only when they must be set-up in a situation where this is unfeasible would we advise opting for wireless systems instead. However, the ability to choose means you can quite easily install motorized window coverings throughout your home, benefitting from extraordinary convenience in every room of the house.

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