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Custom Motorized Shades

Motorized Shades

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So what makes motorized shades such a favorable option? Well, for starters, they're automatic. This seems to be the way the world is heading. People want to be able to control as many aspects of their home or office with the push of a button. Preferably, this button, either tactile or digital, is on one universal control method. Well, seeing as how motorized blinds and shades can now be controlled using your own smartphone, that's more than a feasible option.

Fitted To Each Window

Custom size means that the motorized shades you choose will perfectly fit each individual window. This can assure you that even the oddest shaped windows can have shades that cover them perfectly. Even better - motorized means that you won’t have to close the shades yourself to do so! Instead of fiddling with strings, cords or wands, all it takes is a remote control, a timed setting, or a few smartphone touches. Roller shades are often the preferred choice for many kitchens. However, those looking for more elegant decor may go with pleated roman shades, or some other room darkening or blackout blinds for bedrooms.

Stop Energy Drain

You may not realize it, but your household could be losing out on energy savings. Why? Because your windows aren’t covered properly. Shades act as extra insulation during peak winter months. This helps keep the heat from escaping outside. In the summer, window coverings can help keep the heat at bay, and thus make things a little easier on your HVAC unit. Cellular shades are especially good at this.

The Benefits Don't Stop

Motorized shades make preventing heat transfer very easy. All you need to do is set a timer, or have a light sensor that will make your shades "know" when to open or close. In general, motorized blinds and shades simply serve to make life that much more convenient for you. They can be hardwired or battery powered, depending on your preference. With silent Somfy motors available, they can move quietly too, so there will virtually be no noise. This can be a veritable lifesaver with a baby in the home, and the lack of strings means when that baby grows up, your shades won't pose a threat!

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