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Blinds & Shades in Aliso Viejo CA

When it comes to blinds or shades, it's important to get something that is going to match the area you are re-designing. Additionally, proper window coverings can help with energy cost savings and fading on furniture from the sun’s UV rays. No matter the style of room you have or size of the windows, our professionals are eager to assist you in finding the perfect match for your needs!

Free Expert Consultation in Aliso Viejo CA

Our team has many years of experience, so finding the perfect blinds or shades for you can be a breeze. Our experts will go through all the possibilities with you in order to find the proper window covering for your home or work that will match all your expectations! Our free color samples will make it even easier to get exactly what you want out of your window covers. Take your time in going through all the samples and checking how they are matching the overall room atmosphere in different lighting.

We’re Here for You

When it comes to great customer satisfaction our company holds it to the highest standard to make sure you are satisfied and happy with your blinds and shades. Everything will be done for you quickly so you don’t have to take too much time out of your busy schedule. When it’s all done you'll be able to rest assured that you got exactly what you wanted. Additionally, with our warranties lasting from five years up to a lifetime, depending on what you choose, you know you’ll be covered for the time being!

Here Are Some Of The Products We Provide in Aliso Viejo CA:

Aluminum Blinds

If you have a business that needs many windows covered, aluminum blinds could be your best choice. Or maybe you have kids or pets that are hard on the blinds, either way these are a great option. They are very durable and are able to stand the test of time, not to mention that their design is very simple which makes them affordable. They can easily be matched with the rest of the décor and they easily open and close, depending on how much glare or privacy level you opt for.

Solar Shades

Solar shades are essentially roller shades created with special fabric that is designed to reduce glare, infrared heat gain and provide some daytime privacy while maintaining a view of the outside. Many residential and office buildings need extra protection from the sun’s rays and use solar shades to reduce glare which in turn reduces eye strain for people who sit at the computer all day. The reduction of infrared heat also makes for a more comfortable work environment and even saves you money on your cooling bill!

Wood Blinds

Real wood blinds can be a perfect choice in any home or office if a more natural and classic look is what you’re after. They have been used for a number of years and wood staining can bring a beautiful look, not to mention the variety of colors you can get to match whatever furniture is in your room. These blinds are also very durable and their thickness makes them great for aiding in insulation to boot!


When it comes to a time tested classic, drapes are the go-to option for many. They have been used for many years and often are what people think of when considering window coverings.  The fabric is beautiful and flowing which can really be great for larger rooms, to give them a sense of length and space. The fabric is thick, making it another suitable choice for insulation and privacy. The drapes can also be customized to your liking to help appropriately match with the area they are in.

Motorized Sheer Shades

Sheer shades are a great choice for people who want the efficiencies of a shade and a blind in one. They can be opened and closed, or rolled up and down depending on the mood you’re trying to set. The sheer material lets some light come in even when it is completely closed and down, while also keeping the UV rays out, which helps with fading on furniture. The motorized version makes operating them super easy, with the click of a button and eliminates all of those pesky chords. Plus they can be put on a timer!

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