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Roller Shades

Practical & Stylish

Roller shades are the perfect choice when you are looking for a simply and stylish upgrade!

Roller Shades

Roller | Laguna Niguel Blinds & Shades, LA

Our roller shades are custom-made to fit your windows and suitable for any commercial or residential establishment. These shades are probably the most flexible type of window treatment on the market, and certainly the most low maintenance and convenient to use.

The Benefits of Rollers

The most convenient type of window covering, rollers, can be raised and lowered with the simple tug of a cord. They require less cleaning and maintenance than the other options, as the window frame keeps them in place and protects them from indoor mishaps. Unlike most other types of shades, rollers can also be very unassuming if you pick a color and style that doesn’t call attention to itself. Nonetheless, they can also be made to be as decorative as any with some other choices. There’s not much you can’t do with rollers.

Pick A Color

Simple tan, gray, or other drab colors can make for a utilitarian set of shades that do their job without sticking out. But with that said, our products are available in a lot of other colors besides that! Anything from bright red or green to shiny black or white can complement the color scheme of a tastefully decorated room, and that’s before getting into patterns, designs, and exotic materials like bamboo, lace and more. In short, the roller shade design is a blank slate on which almost anything can be painted.

Hand Drawn Or Motorized

Roller shades also have the option of being mounted with a traditional draw cord as described above, or with an electric motor. Motorized shades can be set to raise and lower themselves automatically at certain times or in response to sunlight, and the remote controls eliminate the need for a cord that could pose a strangulation hazard for young children. Any of our roller shades can be motorized or hand-powered; it’s up to you!

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