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Why Window Shades Are Great For Precise Light Control


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Why Window Shades Are Great For Precise Light Control

Precise Light Control With Window Shades | Laguna Niguel Blinds & Shades, LA

Lighting is a feature that either makes or breaks the overall atmosphere of your home. Shades do a lot to help you control ambient light. Before we get to them, though, let's talk about the foundations. The first step with controlling sunlight is the placement of the windows. Once they're put in, there's nothing much you can do outside of doing some expensive remodeling. That is, apart from adding blinds and shades, of course. That's why it's always better to place your windows where they'll let the highest amount of light. Because it's easier to simply control that light later, than to not have enough of it to use.

So Too Much Sunlight Is Good?

Well, no. Naturally, UV rays have plenty of damaging qualities. The point we're making is that you don't want to find out that the room is a little too dark you have the windows installed, as you'll then have to start adding more artificial lighting to it. Seeing as the sun is right there, waiting for you to take advantage of it, you may as well do that. That's why blinds and shades are so valuable. That's also why it's better to have too much sunlight, which you can mitigate, than to have not enough of it.

You Choose How Much Sunlight You Want

A well designed home should be naturally well lit. A dark and gloomy indoor atmosphere always takes away from whatever beauty your home may have with its aesthetically pleasing facade. However, you can always remedy this to a degree with the use of indoor lighting fixtures situated at strategic locations. This may mask the problem, but it isn't a true solution. A dark indoor atmosphere is, therefore, a problem that needs to be solved more effectively. If your home is a little dark, you can maximize your natural light with the use of window shades. These coverings can be made of all sorts of materials, including very light, translucent fabric that allows a lot of ambient light to pass through. If you opt for the darker shades or the thicker fabrics, you benefit from better UV protection and more privacy. You can still roll the shades up entirely to allow light to come in your home. And

Precision Control of Light

Aside from fabric shades, you can also opt for their more industrial looking and modern counterparts. Blinds come in a lot of different designs, materials and colors. You can go with vinyl blinds that offer low maintenance or wooden ones that offer a lot more decor. There are also faux wood blinds available that provide design contributions without the added maintenance. Of course, some do prefer fabric shades over more tactile options. These coverings are very simple to use, and the operation methods are varied. Just pull on the cord to bring them up and twist the tilt wand to control the angle of each vane. Both blinds and shades can be motorized to make them completely childproof and add to the convenience of the room. Give Laguna Niguel Blinds & Shades a call to set up a free consultation and learn which types and styles of window treatments are the best ones for you.


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