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Here you can see summaries of a few of our most recent blind and shade installation projects. Learn how our team works by reading on and perusing the work reports below.

Roller Shades | Laguna Niguel Blinds & Shades

Roller Shades

Customer Issue: The living room in Ms. Cortez’s home had a lot of beautiful décor already in place, and she wanted new shades that wouldn’t draw attention away from her style. 
Our Solution: Ms. Cortez determined that roller shades would best fit her needs for something simple and quietly complementary for her living room after our experts showed her various options. Thanks to their customizability, it was no problem helping her find a gorgeous shade of purple to match the room while not overwhelming it. 

Norma Cortez - Laguna Nigel
Vertical Blinds Nearby Laguna Niguel LA

Vertical Blinds

Customer Issue: Mrs. Smith’s bedroom window was a little too long and low for conventional blinds or drapes. She decided on vertical blinds.
Our Solution: We had to remove the existing windowsill surface to perform a secure track installation. Mrs. Smith’s bedroom had a colorful aesthetic, so we gave her some alternating dull pink and sunset red vertical slats that fit the wallpaper and furniture coloration. It was a lot of work, but in the end, the roller turned, the shades slid, and the drawstring and locking clamp worked with the built-in slope.

Francine Smith - Laguna Niguel
Roller Shades Nearest Ladera Ranch CA

Roller Shades

Customer Issue: Mr. Reeves contacted us to assist him in discovering new window treatments for his entire home. He was looking for something that would let him easily customize the shades to each room.
Our Solution: Roller shades were our professional’s immediate suggestion. The simplicity of their style allows them to complement every room, and along with this, they are endlessly customizable when it comes to color, texture, and pattern of the fabric. Whether Mr. Reeves wanted green with a leaf pattern in the kitchen, or black in his bedroom to suit the modern look, it’s all possible with roller shades.

Rolando Reeves - Ladera Ranch
Motorized Roman Shades Next To Galivan CA

Motorized Roman Shades

Customer Issue: The customer wanted to be able to have elegant shades that would help save energy overall for her home too.
Our Solution: Motorized Roman shades combined beauty with the ability to connect them to Ms. Franklin’s smart home, which could then adjust them according to how much light there was throughout the day. This way, less heat would be able to pour in during the summer and escape during the winter. She had our experts create and install them right away.

Megan Franklin - Galivan
Wood Blinds Close-by Laguna Beach CA

Wood Blinds

Customer Issue: Old blinds needed to be replaced with new units in the same style to preserve the look and feel of the ancient house.
Our Solution: Our team recommended blinds with the natural quality and timeless sophistication of hardwood. The customer selected 2 ½” slats dark cherry, with a cordless lift. To decrease the amount of light entering, he chose the routeless option, whereby there are no visible holes for the cord to pass though, and a traditional wooden cornice.

Louis Warner - Laguna Beach
Venetian Blinds Next To Laguna Niguel CA

Venetian Blinds

Customer Issue: A tragic grape juice related incident ruined Ms. Linn’s white roller shades. She wanted something more durable to replace them.
Our Solution: The new Venetian-style blinds the customer chose needed a different housing than the old roller shades had used, so we set up a new mount for them. The customer was happy to see her new window treatment provides more privacy than its predecessor.

Marina Linn - Laguna Niguel
Solar Shades Nearby Ladera Ranch Ca

Solar Shades

Customer Issue: The customer wanted a UV-screening shade installed behind her east-facing therapy room window.
Our Solution: Our consultation visit gave us the dimensions of the large window, which let us fit a tinted UV reflective solar canvas sheet for the job, in the silvery black that Ms. Soderberg picked out. A simple roller mount and a drawcord provided control.

Monica Soderberg - Ladera Ranch
Motorized Roller Shades Close To Laguna Niguel CA

Motorized Roller Shades

Customer Issue: The customer wanted a holistic, cost-saving window treatment for his living room and bedrooms, in order to completely automate sunlight control.
Our Solution: The customer's choice was a pair of black polyester roller shades for the living room windows and one more for the back bedroom. Our team installed all three with smart motors that can respond to remote control or automatically adjust and optimize the shade position throughout the day in accordance with their light sensor.

Omar Grant - Laguna Niguel
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